Library Filled with Shounen Jump Mags to Open in Japan


Manga cafes may be a normal thing now, but what about an entire library of magazines dedicated to the art of manga, plus an entirely rented out cafe building? That is exactly what is about to open in Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, with the temporary establishment of the “Jump Library” next month!

The “Jump Library” is one of the many promotional gimmicks Japanese manga giant Shuueisha had prepared for Weekly Shounen Jump‘s 50th-anniversary celebration. If you’re imagining the establishment as one giant manga cafe of stacks, rows, and shelves of Shounen Jump magazines, then you are absolutely correct… with a little twist.

Even the tables, chairs, and decor of the entire place is slated to be decked with hundreds upon hundreds Shounen Jump mags.

The feature library is slated to exhibit a total of 2,406 issues, everything from each point of the publication’s history. Of course, though everything that is accessible will be entirely free to check out and read, only a dedicated portion of it will be available for visitors to peruse. Oh, and none of the issues will be for official sale.

The massive magazine issue exhibit will be open next month, from March 15th to 26th. As mentioned, it will be established at Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills, just right at its Hills Cafe/Space area.

In addition to the upcoming “Jump Library” exhibit, Shuueisha will also be opening another exhibit at Roppongi Hills, this time at the nearby Mori Art Museum on March 19th. The special event will highlight the history of Weekly Shounen Jump during its growing popularity in the 90’s Japan era. This will be followed by yet another similar exhibit several months later on July 17th, with the next one focusing on the magazine’s historic moments during the 2000’s.

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