Home Events Macross’ Shoji Kawamori Headlines AsiaPOP ComiCon Manila

Macross’ Shoji Kawamori Headlines AsiaPOP ComiCon Manila

Macross’ Shoji Kawamori Headlines AsiaPOP ComiCon Manila

Philippine comic and anime convention AsiaPOP ComiCon is making a splash this August, and has enlisted the presence of some of our favorite Japanese artists and celebrities. What’s in for you this year? We’ve got some juicy information lined up for you.

First off: Shoji Kawamori, Japan’s mecha visionary whose works range from directing animation, writing scripts, designing mecha and more. You might have known him and his work in Macross, which has become one of the most celebrated mecha anime of all time. He was he creative behind Macross: The Super Dimension Fortress and has overseen the other installments of the Macross Delta But that’s not all. Kawamori has also contributed his fast-forward mecha design skills to the two films of Patlabor, Eureka Seven, Outlaw Star and Ghost in the Shell. If that lineup is not impressive, I don’t know what else.

The man behind the mechas, Shoji Kawamori

Kawamori was also the original creator of The Vision of Escaflowne and Nobunaga The Fool. Another of his phenomenal works? Takara’s Diaclone Car Robot, which eventually became Transformers’ Optimus Prime, Prowl and Ironhide.

Kawamori’s work was evident in Macross’ design
These mecha images are well-planned to the joints

Other than Kawamori, Serena Kozuki, whose debut single High Tension Girl led her to one of the emerging pop singers in Japan. Her recent single, Shake the DiCE, was used as an ending theme for the Tenchi Muyo! Ryoh Ohki OVA in 2016.

AsiaPOP ComiCon has also invited other personalities in the western comic world. Also attending is DC’s Cyborg, Ray Fisher, and comic artists Alan Quah, Stanley Lau, Carl Potts and Whilce Portacio. Vinyl artists Quiccs, Simone Legno and Jason Freeny are also coming to share their success in their pop culture toys.

Here’s what’s in for you this APCC 2017

For cosplay fans, local cosplay goddess Alodia Gosiengfiao, Pion Kim, Jin and Haiden Hazard just made it to the list. Along with award winning producer, artist and director Philip Odango, they’ll be judging the CAGE, a cosplay competition with a total cash prize of US$18,000.

The event takes place at SMX in Pasay City on August 25-27. More details? Head over to https://www.asiapopcomicon.com/manila/.