Popular Anime/Manga “Ao no Exorcist” Getting a New Story for Stage Play


The stage play for “Ao no Exorcist” is getting a new story called “Shimane Illuminati Hen”. It was recently announced that the story will be performed in Tokyo and Kobe. The Tokyo performance will be held from October 20th (Friday) to October 29th (Sunday) in the Zepp Blue Theater in Roppongi. As for the Kobe performance, it will be held from November 2nd (Thursday) to November 5th (Sunday) at Shinkoube Oriental Gekijyou (Theater).

The story baseline of “Ao no Exorcist” stage play comes from a popular manga drawn by Kazue Kato. “Ao no Exorcist” was in the manga magazine “Jump Square” and had 19 volumes in total. The story follows the character Rin Nomura, who is the son of Satan, and his adventures with his younger twin brother, Yukio Nomura, to become an exorcist to get revenge on Satan. Although he knows that he is connected with Satan by blood, Rin experienced an event that made him want to exorcise Satan with his own hands. The unique characters and storyline is very popular among manga and anime fans.

Because of its increasing popularity, an anime series was produced in 2011. In 2012, its first movie was made, and by 2017, a new anime series called “Ao no Exorcist – Kyouto Fujyouou Hen” (aka: Ao no Exorcist Season 2) was produced. The stage play series,”Stage play ‘Ao no Exorcist'”, also gained popularity. “Satan no Rakuin” was a stage play that was performed in 2012, and from then on, in 2014, there was “Ao no En – Kakusei Hen/ Kyoto Fujyouou Hen”, and “Kyoto Guren Hen” was performed in 2016. These three plays were so popular that it was decided that a forth one will be performed soon this year!

This new stage play “Shimane Illuminati Hen” covers the volumes 10 to 15 in the manga. Similar to the other three stage plays in the series, with the help of the manga author Kozue Kato, this play is expected to have a lot of action as well as comedy.

At the same time, the cast members were also announced. The main characters, Rin and Yukio, will be played by Ryo Kitamura (Rin) and Shuto Miyazaki (Yukio). It will be exciting to see how these two will perform as Rin and Yukio compared to the last stage play!



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