With the ever-increasing popularity of Aqours and Love Live! Sunshine franchise, the successor of Love Live! school idol project, it must have sparked the curiosity of fans and bystanders alike. “I wonder what the Aqours voice actresses did before Love Live Sunshine?” being one of the burning questions that most fans want answered! Worry no more! As we will be doing a 3-part series, highlighting what the members were doing before they were part of Aqours! Kick-starting the series off will be the First Years: Furihata Ai, Takatsuki Kanako, and Kobayashi Aika!

Furihata Ai
From BLT Voice Girls Vol. 27

Furihata Ai or more affectionately called Furirin or Aiai by her fans, voices Kurosawa Ruby. This petite bundle of joy, often be seen together with King (Takatsuki Kanako) has voiced minor roles and characters in mobile games before she was announced as a cast for Love Live! Sunshine. However, aside from voice acting, she also loves to draw. She often draws anime characters and sometimes does animations with voice-overs!

She mostly draws female characters and has confessed to having browsed photos of women in bikinis at midnight for references. Her most favorite models are Kojima Haruna and Kuramochi Yuka, whose figures she has praises for.

Takatsuki Kanako
From BLT Voice Girls Vol. 27

Takatsuki Kanako, who voices Kunikida Hanamaru was a very popular utaite (nico nico singer) with the name Kaako (かあこ). She was very popular for her covers of fripSide’s ‘sister’s noise’ as well as Suzuki Konomi’s ‘No Game No Life.’ Around September of 2012, she received a solo major debut under Victor Entertainment with the single “Bonjou Cinderella no Shiruke no Aru no Onegai”. She is also nicknamed ‘King’ by the Aqours members for no apparent reason. When the Aqours members first met each other, she asked everyone to call her “Kanako-chan” or “Takatsukingu” and because of that everyone started calling her “King” instead.

She also loves playing games and often streams games for Dengeki G’s Playstation Live. She has streamed gameplays of Final Fantasy 15, Sword Art Online, Resident Evil 7 and Uncharted. She has also streamed and played coop FPS games such as Overwatch and Destiny 2.

Kobayashi Aika
From BLT Voice Girls Vol. 27

Lastly, our resident little devil, Yohane is voiced by Kobayashi Aika. She is commonly called Aikyan by fellow Aqours members and fans. In 2012 she debuted as a solo singer, singing the ending theme song for the TV Anime ‘Freezing’ titled “Kimi wo Mamoritai.” This single was released as a double A-side together with GARNiDELIA, who sang the opening theme song for the same anime. Quickly soon after that, she also released her solo single titled “future is serious” that was used as the ending theme song for the TV Anime ‘Queen’s Blade Liberion’. She also has an official Youtube channel where she used to post some of her older song covers… although unfortunately, has not been updated with the start of her role in the Love Live! Sunshine franchise.

Her hobbies include photography and she owns a SONY NEX-5T. She loves the SONY brand of cameras and owned quite a few in the past. She loves to take photos of her two dogs, Laila and Chocola. She gets along with fellow Aqours seiyuu Aida Rikako quite well and there were a few instances of her editing herself into Rikako’s photos for fun.


With those facts about the first year voice actresses laid out… They sure are very talented and have really interesting hobbies other than being a voice actress and idol! How did you find this article about the first years? Did you learn more about these lovely girls? Please stay tuned for the next part, where we will be covering the second years!

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